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ST 400 Pewter Elegance

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LM HB #1460 Price - 79.00 USD
style # 1460 • cotton pleated short with single breasted pique vest.
Edward SS Price - 249.00 USD
Handsome little boy’s suit, cap, and jacket.
19 Price - 59.99 USD
Boy’s complete christening  short pants outfit in white.
CH Max Price - 229.00 USD
This suit is an all silk romper with silk ribbon trim.
Alexander Price - 299.00 USD
Alexander Christening Set and Cap set will make any young boy center stage and a showstopper.
Andrew Price - 249.00 USD
Full Suit with Cap, Shirt, Vest, Jacket, Pant.
Princewill 2 Price - 189.00 USD
This set creates an adorable look for your toddler. Features: Suit, cap, vest, shirt, and bow tie.
LM HB#4282 Price - 79.00 USD
style # 4282 • Satin diamond embroidered vest with boxer short & necktie.
L8010 Price - 79.99 USD
Embroidered Satin Gown w/ Shawl. Hat included.
Available in Silver or Gold Trim.
SP Jacob Price - 49.99 USD
Such a perfectly charming jumper set for your Child baptism, christening, wedding or special event.
LM HB #1443 Price - 99.99 USD
Style # 1443 • Dupioni silk with tucking on shirt and shorts.
17 Price - 49.99 USD
This christening set outfit comes with cap, short, shirt, vest and bow tie.
Edward CC Price - 250.00 USD
100% Silk is available in Ivory or Pearl White
LM HB #12531 Price - 112.00 USD

style # 12531 • Shantung dress with rosette trimmed waist. Color White

JJJ3100 Price - 149.00 USD

Long white satin gown, lace over gown embellished with floral embroidery and white pearls.

LM HB#6172 Price - 112.00 USD

style # 6172 • Satin cross embroidered dress and bib collar.

LM #6152 Price - 89.00 USD

Dacron sheer white dress with floral lace sequin trim bodice.

JJJ 3121 Price - 99.99 USD
Little angelic girls baptism dress in white eyelet with bonnet.
Cinderella Short Price - 249.99 USD
Gown and Bonnet, fun ruffled, silken, beaded dress, cap sleeves w/ floral beaded accents.
Alexis Price - 199.99 USD
Darling christening gown and bonnet set featuring ruffles, crochet flowers and decorative matching mid waist trim.
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