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ST 400 Pewter Elegance

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Product Name Price Thumbnail Image Product Description
Box Oil Set Price - 49.00 USD
This is one of a kind beautiful decorated box bottle oil set includes the oil soap and hand towel.
Hand Towel, Soap, Oil, Box Set Price - 49.99 USD
This set includes a hand towel, oil, soap, and wooden box set for Greek Orthodox Baptism.
Oil set in a wooden box Price - 49.00 USD
This wooden box is decorated outside and inside includes a one hand towel, soap bar and olive oil bottle.
oil set and bottles Price - 24.99 USD
The box is decorated in pink or blue. It includes the olive oil, soap and hand towel. It would be the perfect oil set you need for your babies christening. The individual bo
Sailboat oil and soap set Price - 39.99 USD
This unique Sailboat holds the hand towel, oil and soap set for your unforgettable christening .

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5 Piece tuxedo

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