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Product Name Price Thumbnail Image Product Description
Stefana CP-423 Price - 159.99 USD
These romantic stefana are made of porcelain and accented with a hint of yellow in the center of the flowers.
Stefana CP-415 Price - 149.99 USD
The traditional leather stefana are just lovely. The leather is designed to reflect beautiful dainty flowers. The perfect choice for your wedding.
Stefana CP-4049 Price - 149.99 USD
Porcelain Roses Stefana with lovely accents through out make these stefana a favorite.
Stefana CP-582 Price - 99.99 USD
Strands of lovely "pearls" Stefana highlighted with a single rhinestone. Classic and elegant.
Stefana CP-583 Price - 119.99 USD
Elegance is what comes to mind when describing this lovely pair of stefana designed with fabric and "pearls."
Stefana CP-411 Price - 149.99 USD
Lovely Greek Stefana - Wedding Crowns made with leather flowers and accents. Styled with elegance and pride.
Stefana CP-595 Price - 119.99 USD
Delicate Wedding Stefana Crowns decorated with crystals and rhinestones.
Stefana CP-451 Price - 129.99 USD
Special Wedding Stefana - Crowns created with loving care by skilled designers. This pair of stefana is a delicate twist of fabric and "pearls."
AS 27-028 Price - 249.99 USD
This unique Stefana is hand made in Greece with white or ivory porcelain flowers, gold and silver wire.
Silver Stefana Price - 225.00 USD
Silver Stefana with pearl and ribbon accents which adorn this beautiful artistic twist design. Unique pearls with the beautiful ribbon join these glorious wedding crowns.
Gold Handmade Price - 349.00 USD
Gold Handmade Stefana
27-052 Porcelain Price - 349.00 USD
Delicate Porcelain Flowers bestowed upon this stefana with accents of pearl and ribbon to join. Elegantly designed to match your wedding motif. Handmade.

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