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ST 400 Pewter Elegance

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Product Name Price Thumbnail Image Product Description
Silver Stefana Price - 225.00 USD
Silver Stefana with pearl and ribbon accents which adorn this beautiful artistic twist design. Unique pearls with the beautiful ribbon join these glorious wedding crowns.
Gold Handmade Price - 349.00 USD
Gold Handmade Stefana
27-052 Porcelain Price - 349.00 USD
Delicate Porcelain Flowers bestowed upon this stefana with accents of pearl and ribbon to join. Elegantly designed to match your wedding motif. Handmade.
Favor #081 Price - Call for Pricing
Wedding Favors
Collection B Price - Call for Pricing
Series B collection of favors.
Favors Price - Call for Pricing
This elegant candle favors are handmade with a beautiful rose flowers, organza tulle and silk organza ribbon.
Prices range from $5.50 to $9.50.

Favor Gift Boxes Price - 2.00 USD
Two Piece Italian Favor Boxes feature an appealing linen-textured look.

Golden Anniversary Candle Price - 5.00 USD
Show your guests that after 50 years love’s flame still shines bright with this lovely golden anniversary candle favor.
LI Rio-2 Price - 9.99 USD
2pc. Porcelain espresso cups in heart box. Dishwasher safe. Perfect favor for weddings.
Tulle Favors Price - 5.50 USD

This custom made favors is design to your choice of color. Please call for more information 650-631-8900. PREV 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 

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Cinderella Short

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5 Piece Suit w/ Vest - White

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5 Piece tuxedo

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