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Wedding Lambades-Candles

Wedding Candles

24 to 36 inch Candles made with White Tulle wrapped candles with pink flowers and white ribbon. This Candle can be used for a Baptism or Wedding.

White tulle wrapped candles, with pink flowers are displayed with grace as you take your first steps as man and wife. Lambades are flowered and perfect for your wedding day.


  • White
  • White / Pink
  • White / Light Blue


  • 24' Candle $85.00
  • 30' Candle $115.00
  • 36" Candle $125.00
  • 24" Set of Two $150.00
  • 30" Set of Two $200.00
  • 36" Set of Two $250.00


Price - 85.00 USD

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